About Us

UK Contractor Mortgages is a specialist division of Commercial Finance Network, one of the UK’s leading Independent and whole-of-market mortgage Brokers. Our team of Mortgage Experts have many years of experience in helping our clients to find the most suitable mortgage, whether they are Property Investors, Contractors, people with adverse credit or any other circumstances that can make it difficult to find a mortgage deal.

Across the whole Commercial Finance Network, our ethos remains the same – we deliver an industry-leading customer service where our clients’ needs are the heart of everything we do.

Our unique WiiN (Where Is It Now?) portal was designed to help us to provide our clients with a service that is tailored around making the mortgage application process as simple and straightforward as possible.

UK Contractor Mortgages

Delivering a First-Class Experience

We understand what is most important when you are looking for a mortgage and our customer service is built around delivering the best experience possible, from saving our clients’ money by accessing the best mortgage deals, to making the application process hassle-free.

For Contractors and the self-employed, one of the most important factors in buying your dream home is finding the right Lender to match your specific employment situation and financial circumstances. Many Contractors go through a frustrating journey trying to find a mortgage Lender who will be prepared to lend to them, often resulting in a declined application and a lot of wasted time.

At UK Contractor Mortgages, we are a truly independent and whole-of-market broker, which means we can access all of the available mortgages on the market, to find one that will meet your exact needs. Many mortgage Lenders request to see five years’ worth of self-employed accounts or want to see evidence of contracts going back several years. If you are new to working as a Contractor, or do not have the required evidence that Lenders are requesting, then rest assured we can still work with you to find a Lender.

No Call Centres! We Offer a Truly Personal Service

One of the most frustrating parts of working with some mortgage Lenders is that you have to speak to call centre advisors, relaying your situation countless times to people who have no idea where your application is up to.

At UK Contractor Mortgages, there are NO call Centres and all clients are assigned both a Dedicated Mortgage Advisor upfront and then when you wish to proceed to submit your application, also a designated Case Manager. Both the Advisor and Case Manager who will know everything about your application and will be able to keep you fully up to date with progress and help you to get your mortgage processed and approved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Additionally, we don’t hide behind voicemail in our business or long call queues – all phones are answered in person 24/7 and you’ll have direct dial access and email to your Dedicated Advisor and Case Manager for swift contact and responses whenever you may need it.

UK Contractor Mortgages
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24/7 Updates on Your Mortgage Application

One of the key benefits of using our WiiN client portal is that you receive 24/7 updates on your application and you can log on and see what the next part of the process is, rather than waiting for an update, or trying to contact a mortgage Lender for an update on progress. This system saves considerable time and stress for our clients and enables our Case Managers to focus on ensuring all our applications progress and are complete in a timely manner.

For expert financial advice you can trust UK Contractor Mortgages