UK Contractor Mortgages works tirelessly to find the most affordable and fully customised Buy to Let Mortgage deals for Landlords.

As a Specialist BTL Broker and being truly whole-of-market, we can offer the very Lowest Interest Rates and Maximum loan-to-value deals available.

Discover how we can assist UK Property Investors and Landlords in saving them considerable time and money with our Buy to Let Mortgage services.


Our Buy to Let Mortgage Broker Services for Contractors:

  • Investors looking to enter the Buy to Let market for the first time
  • Landlords looking to expand their existing BTL portfolio
  • Partnerships/limited companies looking to invest in single/multiple Buy to Let projects
  • Landlords looking for a better, cheaper alternative to their BTL existing mortgages

Our Buy to Let Mortgage Services Cover:

  • Single let properties
  • HMOs
  • Multi-let properties
  • Commercial Buy to Let properties
  • Remortgaging of existing BTL loans

UK Contractor Mortgages Helps You Find Buy To Let Mortgage Offers That Make Sense

Buying a property to let is a smart investment move when executed correctly. As is the industry norm, buy to let projects are usually seen as long-term investments. This is precisely the reason why you need to be extra sure about how you want to finance your project.

“There are many lenders and brokers out there who will be happy to finance your Contractor Buy to Let project. But only a few can make sure that you’re getting a deal that makes sense, is affordable and suits your exact requirements.”

This is where UK Contractor Mortgages – the specialist Contractor Residential & Buy to Let mortgage division of Commercial Finance Network – stands out. We aren’t here to just help you find lenders, we’re here to look after your interests. As we said earlier, BTL projects provide the returns over a period of years, if not decades. So, it makes sense to put the best foot forward every step of the way.

When You’re Applying For A Buy To Let Mortgage With UK Contractor Mortgages, Here’s What You Can Look Forward To:

  • Maximum Customisation Every Buy to Let project is different from the one before, and we completely understand that. We work closely with our panel of lenders to prepare an offer that fits your exact requirements – no matter how complex and unusual they might be.
  • All Projects Covered We accept BTL mortgage applications for projects of all types and sizes. If your Buy to Let project is particularly complex, we’ll assign a special team of advisors and managers to look after the progress.
  • Experience Counts! We bring on board collective commercial finance experience that runs into decades. Our parent company, Commercial Finance Network, has over 25 years’ whole of market brokering experience and gives us access to unprecedented resources and specialist lenders.
  • Save Thousands Of Pounds, If Not More Low interest rates matter when you’re going to be paying the interest every month, month after month, for years. We make sure that your BTL mortgage application receives competitive interest rates that can save you thousands of pounds in the long run.
  • Lower Deposits If you’re not in a position to pay high deposits, our low deposit BTL mortgage offers can see your project sail through comfortably.
  • Borrow More With Higher LTVs Most Buy to Let mortgage brokers are unable to cover more than 60-65% of your project’s total value. UK Contractor Mortgages has disrupted that template by bringing on board lenders who can offer LTV ratios as high as 85% depending upon the viability of your Buy to Let project.
  • You Get What You See No hidden fees, no underhand charges. 100% transparency at all times.
  • Dedicated Advisors And Case Managers Every BTL mortgage application we process is assigned a dedicated Case Manager. You will also be able to receive mortgage and finance advice from a fully qualified Mortgage Advisor as a part of the overall package.
  • No Waiting, No Speculation Once we receive your buy to let loan application, we get to work straightaway. The decision is made and conveyed to you within 24 hours, but usually same day. If you agree to move forward with the offer, we’ll draw up a Decision in Principle (DIP) straight away to finalise all the details.
  • Industry Leading Customer Support We’re here for you whenever you need us. Our state-of-the-art online customer service portal, WiiN, is accessible to every customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, our offices are also open 24 x 7 x 365 so you are always able to speak with someone and with your Dedicated Case Manager and Mortgage Advisor and NO Call Centres or Voicemail in our business, we truly believe we provide industry leading support to all our customers.

Please head to the FAQ page for more details.

Applying For A Buy to Let Mortgage Is A Simple, Straightforward 3-Step Process.

If you’ve worked with mortgage lenders before, you’d know that specialty products like buy to let mortgages just cannot be satisfactorily handled by high street lenders. At the same time, we also realise why borrowers are apprehensive about working with brokers – the whole process may, at times, seem like a never-ending puzzle. Commercial Finance Network, our parent company, changed the way how commercial finance broking works in the UK for better – and we’re here to carry that idea forward. Applying for a BTL mortgage with UK Contractor Mortgages is a straightforward process that involves just three steps. Here’s how it all works:

Step 1 – Get in Touch

Finding and managing  your Buy to Let mortgage application is now easier than ever. The first step is to get in touch – you can call us on 0333 016 9646 to speak directly with Mortgage Advisor or fill in this short form online (it literally take just 1 minute, we promise!).

Step 2 – We Get To Work

You will be assigned your own Dedicated Mortgage Advisor who is a specialist for Contractors seeking Buy-to-Let mortgages and will need a brief initial discussion to establish what you’re wishing to do and  your personal circumstances. We shall then search the whole of market to find you the very best deals available – this includes all the High Street as well as specialist Lenders. There is NO cost &/or obligation at all for this service.

Step 3 – You Receive The Best Offers

We review the best market rates and terms, based on your requirements and circumstances and then report the options back to you whilst explaining the relevant merits. If you are happy with the options provided and wish to proceed, we’ll then take your formal instruction and then start the application process right away. As well as then being assigned your Dedicated Case Manager, you’re then notified of the progress of your application at every stage using our truly unique and innovative WiiN client portal.

What Are Buy to Let Mortgages?

Buy to Let mortgages are specialty commercial finance products that are available exclusively to landlords and investors looking to buy properties in order to rent them out. These mortgages are different from other finance products in that the interest rates you’re offered depend exclusively on the financial viability of the project and the value of the property.

How Do Contractor Buy to Let Mortgages Work?

Most Buy to Let mortgages are interest only. This means you only pay the interest through the mortgage tenure and exit the project at your will. The principal amount is recovered from the sale of the property. You can also choose to remortgage if you’re not willing to exit via a sale.

  • Lenders assess the value of the property in question and the rent estimates (depending on the location and ongoing trends).
  • The Buy to Let mortgage offer you receive takes into account the monthly rental income the property will generate for you. The interest rates are decided based on this factor.
  • You’ll pay the set interest amount (or the tracker interest amount) each month.
  • The lender will recover the principal mortgage sum from your exit.

How to Check if You’re Eligible For A Buy to Let Mortgage

Here are a few criteria to consider. Note that the final decision is made by the lender based on their internal credit policy.

  1. Your Credit History It helps if you have a good credit score and a clean history of repayments. If your personal finances are in good shape, your BTL loan application will have a better chance of being received well by lenders. You can check your credit score, with a 30 day Free Trial with Check My File which can be cancelled at anytime.
  2. Experience Lenders always prefer to work with experienced landlords and investors. If you’re a first-time buyer, you will have a tough time receiving the best interest rates. That is, however, not to say that it’s impossible for a first-time buyer to get a Buy to Let mortgage. Quite a few lenders on our panel are willing to take a positive view of such applications if the project is viable.
  3. The Deposit While we do our best to bring the deposit percentage down as much as possible for your benefit, you will still need to have enough stake in the project to inspire confidence. If you can personally finance 25-40% of the project value, you can expect to receive a good deal from experienced lenders.
  4. The Property Is Self-funding This is where Buy to Let mortgages differ from regular residential mortgages. BTL Lenders prefer to finance properties that are self-funding, meaning that the monthly interest is lower than the monthly rental income the property is likely to generate. It helps if the property in question can generate rental income that is at least 25% higher than the monthly interest component.

Contractor Buy to Let Mortgages And Tax Credits

There have been significant changes in the taxation norms for buy to let mortgages over the past 5 years. For example, in 2016-17, landlords could treat 100% of the interest amount as tax deductible. From 2020 on, however, this will not be the case. If you’re paying a monthly interest on your buy to let mortgage, no part of that sum will be tax deductible. You will still be able to claim flat 20% tax credits on this amount. Do consider these tax implications before getting into a BTL mortgage.

Other Costs To Consider

Contractor Buy to Let Mortgages Designed Exclusively For Your Project

There’s no point in investing in a Buy to Let venture if it’s not going to make you enough money. High-interest and high-maintenance mortgages not only dramatically eat into the returns on your investment, they also make the whole exercise pointless. An affordable, low interest Buy to Let mortgage can solve this problem and make sure that your BTL  venture keeps making you money every month. To know more and speak to one of our Contractor Buy to Let Mortgage Experts, call us on 0333 016 9646 now. You can also submit your interest by filling in this short form to receive a 100% free, no-obligation mortgage advice. Discover our Residential Mortgage Broker services.