Buying a home will always be one of the most important decisions of your life and a major milestone you can be proud of. It can be a tricky decision though, especially if you’re a Contractor and that’s why it pays to get it absolutely right and let the experts do all the leg work for you.

As a whole-of-market Broker specialising in Contractor Mortgages, we’ll search across ALL mortgage Lenders and products to find you the Best Residential Mortgage deals available that fit your exact needs. We save you a great deal of Time, Hassle and Money in sourcing and dealing directly with Lenders yourself.

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Residential Mortgage Broker Services for Contractors:

  • Contractors Moving home
  • First-time buyers
  • Contractors looking to remortgage their existing mortgage
  • Contractors looking to release equity
  • Shared Ownership mortgages
  • Contractors seeking New Help to Buy Homeowners
  • Sharia compliant Contractors

Our Residential Mortgage Broker Services Cover:

  • All residential properties
  • Full repayment mortgages
  • Fixed interest rate mortgages
  • Sharia compliant mortgages
  • Variable rate mortgages
  • Tracker mortgages
  • Interest only residential mortgages

We Make Residential Mortgages Easier, Cheaper & More Accessible

Buying your own house is much more than just investing in a property. You’ll be creating and living the most memorable moments of your life there – calling it your “home”. That said, we must also concede that residential properties don’t come cheap. Average home value in the UK stood at around £249,000 in January 2021 (source: ONS) – an amount tenfold higher than the average annual family income. So, it should be clear that most people these days cannot afford to buy a house without a mortgage. Despite this, many residential mortgage products out there are still incredibly complicated, expensive and invariably confusing. UK Contractor Mortgages is here to change all that.

When you’re buying a home, you’re the one who needs to be in charge. The mortgage needs to fit your expectations, and not the other way around. It always makes sense to choose a mortgage product that gives you enough room to afford the repayments, without allowing it to affect the quality of your life.

Finding the best residential mortgage offers in the market and helping you to make wise and well informed decisions is really the essence of what UK Contractor Mortgages does.

What To Expect When You Apply For A Residential Mortgage With UK Contractor Mortgages

  • Flexibility Every mortgage application is unique in one or more aspects. Rigid templates don’t work here – a fact which many brokers and lenders tend to ignore. UK Contractor Mortgages makes sure that the mortgage quotes and offer you receive are fully customised to suit your exact requirements. This allows us to very successfully produce mortgage offers for an extremely diverse array of clients – from self-employed professionals and freelancers to buyers with a less than perfect credit history.
  • Low Interest Rates Average mortgages run for 25 years. What this means is that you’ll be making regular repayments every month for 25 years. To make sure that you won’t be paying more than what you need to, it’s extremely important to take a close look at the interest rates you’re being offered. UK Contractor Mortgages helps you find lenders who are willing to offer you some of the lowest residential mortgage interest rates available. This not only makes it easier for you to manage your monthly budget, but also saves a great deal of money over the entire mortgage term.
  • High LTV, Low Deposits If you’re a first time buyer or don’t have enough savings to cover the standard deposit, you may need a high Loan to Value (LTV) mortgage. UK Contractor Mortgages specialises in arranging residential mortgage deals with the LTV as high as 95%. Borrow more money upfront and pay it back as the value of your property appreciates in time.
  • Fast Decisions, Qualified Mortgage Advice Every residential mortgage application is managed by both a Dedicated CeMAP qualified Mortgage Advisor as well as a Dedicated Case Manager. Decisions on residential mortgage applications are typically made within 24 hours, but very often the same day. Your Dedicated Mortgage Advisor will ensure that your requirements are clearly understood by the proposed Lender and that your Mortgage Offer mirrors your exact requirements as closely as possible.
  • Industry Leading Customer Service – We’re Always Open You’ll receive application updates in real-time at every step of the way via our cutting-edge customer portal – WiiN. Our customer portal may be state-of-the-art, but the importance of real human interaction has never been lost on us. Expect real, UK-based mortgage professionals to assist you whenever you call their direct phone number. No voicemails, no endless call queues. We’re even open 24/7/365 so rest assured you will ALWAYS be able to speak with someone, which we feel is an essential necessity  when dealing with things as important and high value as mortgages.
  • No Hidden Fees Full transparency of operations is the foundation of our ethos. All the relevant fees and application costs will be clearly detailed to you in writing by your Dedicated Mortgage Advisor BEFORE you instruct us to act on your behalf. No hidden fees, no nasty surprises, total transparency at all times.

Applying For A Residential Mortgage Is Easier Than Ever!

Applying for a residential mortgage with UK Contractor Mortgages is easy. It just takes three steps – and we’re here to help you through them all.

Step 1 – Tell us What you’re Looking For

Call us on 0333 016 9646 to speak directly with a specialist Residential Mortgage Advisor now, or alternatively fill in this short online form to request a call back. We only require a some initial details from you upfront, which takes just a few minutes, to enable us to then start searching the whole market to find the best deals for you.

Step 2 – We Search The Whole of Market For Best Deals

Once we have understood your requirements, we then get to work to search the whole-of-market for the best mortgage deals for your exact requirements. We will then feedback these results to you typically within around 2 working hours and will then arrange a time with you to talk through the options available, along with their relevant merits. There is NO cost or commitment required from you for this work we do.

Step 3 – You Consider the Options & Make a Decision

Once we’ve presented the options, you then need to decide if you wish to proceed to instruct us to get you a Decision In Principle (DIP) and proceed to submit and fully manage your application with the selected Lender.  Rest assured, all fees will be itemised to you upfront in our written agreement, which you are required to sign before proceeding with your application, so there won’t be any nasty surprises or hidden fees.

What Is A Residential Mortgage?

A residential mortgage is the most common type of mortgages. When one talks about ‘mortgages’, chances are that they’re talking about residential mortgages. Residential mortgages are designed to help the borrower buy a home. Every residential mortgage is inherently secured by the property in question, making it a reasonably safe deal for the lender as well as the borrower.

5 Important Eligibility Criteria For Residential Mortgages

The eligibility criteria for residential mortgages are relatively less stringent. Here are a few you should be aware of:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age, and not over 75 years of age at the end of the mortgage term.
  • You must be able to prove your income using the commonly accepted documents such as bank statements, HMRC documents, pay slips and benefits documents.
  • You must be a legal UK resident.
  • You should be able to raise the money required to cover the deposit.
  • Your personal/business finances should meet the lender’s internal policies.

Residential Mortgage Deposits And The LTV Ratio

Residential mortgage deposits account for a part of the buy price of the property. Most lenders will require you to deposit 10-20% of the property value, while financing the rest. This also means that the loan to value ratio (LTV) for such mortgages will lie within the 90-80% range. For example, if the home you’re looking to buy is priced at £250,000, an 80% LTV mortgage will require you to pay £50,000 upfront as the deposit. The mortgage, in this case, will be worth £200,000. High LTV is accompanied by higher lending risks and correspondingly higher interest rates. First time buyers need to balance the need to pay a lower deposit upfront against having to pay higher interest every month over the mortgage term.

Residential Mortgage Repayment

Based on the mode of repayment, there are two types of residential mortgages.

  1. Interest Only Mortgages Interest only mortgages require the borrower to make monthly interest payments. The principal mortgage amount is recovered from the sale/remortgaging of the property.
  2. Repayment Mortgages Repayment mortgages (also known as repayment plan mortgages or full repayment mortgages) require the borrower to repay the principal mortgage amount along with the applicable interest in monthly instalments. The borrower continues to own the property during the mortgage term.

Residential Mortgages And Interest Rates

The interest rate plays an important role in the overall mortgage cost. The interest is charged in one of the following three ways:

  1. Fixed Rate Mortgages The interest rates for fixed rate mortgages are pre-set over a longer period of time – typically 5 years. This keeps the borrower shielded from the increasing interest rates.
  2. Variable Rate Mortgages Variable rate mortgages are designed to function along the standard variable rate set by the lender. This rate keeps following the lending markets and is usually revised every few months.
  3. Tracker Rate Mortgages The interest rate for tracker rate mortgages is tied directly to the base rate decided by the Bank of England. While there aren’t any drastic changes in this rate over a short period, the longer term can be expected to reflect the overall market ups and downs.

Remortgaging Of Existing Properties

We accept remortgage applications from all homeowners. Remortgaging allows you to switch to a cheaper repayment plan that helps you manage your monthly outgoings better. While it’s true that lenders levy charges for exiting a mortgage prematurely, the lower interest rate/longer mortgage term can offset these charges. For example, you can remortgage a fixed interest mortgage to a tracker mortgage and take advantage of lower interest rates.

Get One Step Closer To Buying Your Dream Home!

The joy of owning your home can quickly turn sour if you have to make unreasonably high repayments every month. But don’t worry, it’s easy to avoid such traps by working with an experienced whole of market broker like UK Contractor Mortgages and making sure that you’re getting the best deal available. To know more and speak to one of our Residential Mortgage Experts, call us on 0333 016 9646. You can also fill in this short online form to get started. Our team of residential mortgage experts will get back to you straight away. Discover our Buy to Let Mortgage Broker services.