Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers below to the questions that we are asked most often, but if there is a query that we haven’t addressed please do get in touch. We would be more than happy to talk through any aspect of our service with you.

I’ve been declined a mortgage because I am self-employed, can I still get a mortgage?

We work with Lenders who specialise in providing Self-employed / Contractor mortgages and who understand that your salary and financial situation is different to employed workers. We can find you a mortgage deal that takes into account that you are self-employed, with lending criteria that is designed around the financial set up for Contractors.

I have only just started working as a Contractor, can I get a mortgage?

Even though most mortgage Lenders will ask to see several years’ worth of business accounts, as a whole-of-market broker, we can find Lenders to suit your circumstances, even if you have only recently started working on a self-employed basis.

How do I know I am getting the best deal?

We evaluate every single deal that you qualify for, so that we are 100% certain that you are offered the best deals to suit your specific circumstances. As we have worked with self-employed mortgage Lenders for so long, we have an in-depth understanding of the market, which includes knowing each Lender’s unique lending criteria, as well as their rates and fees.

Do you charge fees?

We provide totally free advice to Contractors who are looking to take out a mortgage. If, after speaking to us, you want us to go ahead and find you the best self-employed best mortgage deals then we will also do this with no obligation to proceed. Only if you wished then proceed and submit an application on your behalf, then a nominal Admin Fee will apply.

What information and documents will I need to provide?

This will vary depending on the Lender but once we have an initial consultation with you, we will be able to select the best deals to suit your needs and advise you on what information and documents you will need to provide. We will already know the requirements for each Lender, so there is no time wasted waiting for the Lender to send a request, we can get going with your application straight away.

What are the benefits of working with you instead of going direct to a Lender?

Only a limited number of Lenders specialise in providing mortgages to Contractors and some of them have very strict lending criteria and a large number of them only work through brokers, so you are not able to go directly to them.

As a whole-of-market broker, we are able to identify the Lenders who will accept your applications, based on your specific employment situation and finances. So, rather than going direct and risking a declined mortgage application on your credit file, we can go straight to the Lenders who will approve mortgages for Contractors.

Which Lenders do you work with?

As a truly whole-of-market and independent mortgage broker, we are able to access deals from every single Lender available on the market. UK Contractor Mortgages works with both mainstream and niche Lenders so that we can find the most suitable mortgage product tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and circumstances.

Is UK Contractor Mortgages regulated?

Yes, UK Contractor Mortgages is directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 796413. This provides our clients with complete protection and gives them peace of mind that the products we recommend are genuinely in their best interests.

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